Summer Reading

To: JRS Students

From: Ms. Ellman

Re: Summer Reading Challenge 

Congratulations on finishing the school year! Like me, I know you are looking forward to a fun and eventful summer. Whether you’ll be at the beach, a cookout, or on a road trip this summer, don’t forget to pack your book.  Reading can be fun too! Reading regularly is so important to improving your reading, writing, and thinking skills. Plus, you need to keep up the progress you’ve made this year. Your teachers want to make sure that you’re ready for the challenges ahead. This summer, we are challenging you to read your grade book complete three Reading Projects from the JRS Reading Project List.  If you complete the Summer Reading Challenge, you’ll be eligible to win 1 prize such as:

  • A pizza party
  • A trip to Dave and Buster’s
  • An ice cream party
  • Or a free homework pass for a week

To see the complete student memo click on the link for Summer Reading Challenge Student Memo


Summer Reading Challenge Memo